Our Aims

The philosophy of GIFT is that the character and development of young people can be further improved through direct contact with people of other cultures.

The Trustees believe this can be best achieved by living with a host family in a developing country, not as an honoured guest, but by becoming an ordinary member of that family.

GIFT believe that living and volunteering within an indigenous community is the only way to experience the true reality of another culture. The experience will not only be emotionally and physically challenging, but it will provide a life-long perspective when dealing with other people, wherever life takes you!

“These intensive, self-revealing and in some cases, life changing experiences promote a greater knowledge and appreciation of another culture, whilst bringing about a more realistic understanding of one’s own culture”
Reg Gilbert MBE, Founder of GIFT

A trip to a country in the developing world will require meticulous planning and mental preparation. Applicants for GIFT Bursaries will not only have to demonstrate they have made a study of the location they will visit but importantly as part of the ‘all-round experience’ show their various pre-trip fundraising and planning initiatives to make it all possible.

GIFT can only offer part of the costs to any successful applicant.

On their return the Trust would ask for a short report showing the degree and nature of the understanding they have experienced. Also it would ask to identify any problems incurred, so that these could be relayed to future applicants visiting that particular country. Précis of these reports could be reported in our annual newsletter,on our website, or in Rotary news.

As part of the on-going character building exercise, on your return GIFT would ask you to co-operate with your local Rotary Club to give a short presentation about your ‘friendship and understanding’ adventure, and of course the help given to you by GIFT.