GIFT is delighted to announce a new Chairman for the Trust! Ms Emma Reynolds the current Headteacher of Frome Community College, who has agreed to take on the role, returning the Trust to its roots at Frome College.
After 36 years of existence,  the original Reg Gilbert International Friendship Trust was Chaired by the then Frome College Head, Mr John Fisher and has passed through two other Chairman since.
The founder of the Trust was Reg Gilbert a teacher who initially worked as a PE teacher and then a Maths and Geography teacher.  He was a pioneer taking school groups abroad, before it was an accepted part of an extra curricular education, with expeditions to Iceland, the Sahara Desert, Ghana and Papua New Guinea, before any such places were on a tourist map.
We are also happy to announce that with the world opening up once again, we now have new applications for bursaries going through the system.
This will result, with in the next few months of some updated stories to relish, telling the exploits the bursary holders have experienced and that change and inform their lives for ever.
Which future educationalist or employer could resist the CV of a student with their adventures and their enhanced international understanding?